We are currently accepting a wide variety of drums for repair. Whether or not they originally came from our shop, they will be rebuilt with the same quality and care and using the same materials we use for our own instruments. For djembe, dunun, conga, and bongo repairs, we will inspect and repair any small cracks, shape and finish the bearing edge, and oil the shell inside and out. Rings and rope will be replaced on all drums that did not originate in our shop. We guarantee you will get your drum back in top condition and sounding better than ever. Finished work feels like a brand new drum!



Having your djembe sound its best is our top priority and that starts with picking the best quality skins to match your drum. We use a variety of skins of different thickness from West Africa. We will work with you to carefully choose the best skin for your djembe based on your drum and playing style.


Our Professional Djembe Overhaul will replace everything on your drum, giving you a chance to customize every detail! You pick the rope and ring colors, the type of skin, and choose from the straight cut, fold over, or rolled finish. We will ensure that the wood is carefully treated and conditioned inside and out and we will reshape and refinish the bearing edge to perfection. We will size new rings to exactly fit your drum and use 3-4mm rope for the rings, 4.5-5mm rope for the verticals. If you have a djembe that needs to be re-headed and it was not previously repaired in our shop, we will have to inspect it to get an accurate quote. Email us pictures of your broken or uninspiring drum and we can start the process with you!

Professional Djembe Overhaul - $175

Basic Djembe Re-head - Starting at $100. Contact Us for a quote! 

Add Ons:

Calf Skin - $50

Rubber Bottom - $75

5.5 mm Vertical Rope - $15

Extended/Double Hitches - Starting at $25/ring

Wood Repair/Restoration - Starting at $25/hr

Weight (Wood) Removal - Contact Us!


All of our full dunun repairs are done "traditional style", or sewn on without the use of metal rings. Not only is the look and feel very nice and tight to the drum, we also feel that it gives a superior sound. All full dunun repairs include 2 skin replacements with top quality African cow skin (Guinea, Mali, or Ivory Coast), rope, shaping and finishing the bearing edge, and oiling the shell. We can also replace single heads on most any dunun, upon inspection. 

Kenkeni - $225

Sangban - $250

Dununba - $275

Basic Dunun Rehead - Starting at $100 for one head. Contact us to talk details!


Congas - $80 per drum (Cow Skin)

Bongos - Starting at $100/set (Thick Goat Skins, Mule available by request)


We love repairing drum sets! Not only are we able to repair and restore antique and forgotten drum sets, we also like outfitting those and your current set with goat and cow skins! We can restore corroded and rusted hardware and replace missing parts, and can work with you to pick the best skins possible to match the kind of sound that you look for as a drummer. 

Basic Repairs for all Drum Set Drums include inspection of shell, standard hardware cleaning, and replacement of old head for goat skin. We do request the original head so we can recycle the metal ring on your drum.

Basic Snare & Tom Rehead - $50 

Basic Bass Drum Rehead (18"+) - $60 

Flesh (Bottom) Ring - Starting at $10

Restoration, Missing Parts - Contact Us! 


We offer limited balafon services locally, but we are in touch with some wonderful teachers throught the US that can complete more serious repairs and tuning. We can help you out with restringing and tightening the resonating gourds underneath as well as refinishing the sound holes with new paper to get the buzz back! These services are done free of charge but a donation is requested and will be sent to Djely Modou Kouyate and Abdoulaye 'Felu' Kouyate in Conakry, Guinea, with whom we study the music, history, and construction of the bala. Contact us to set up a time to look at your bala!


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